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Paul Vagianos Controversial Owner of “It’s Greek to Me” Running for Ridgewood Village Council

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Ridgewood NJ, Paul Vagianos the controversial owner of “It’s Greek to Me” is throwing his hat in the ring for a run at the Village Council slot left open by the sudden departure of Bernie Walsh .

In a Facebook post on August 26th Mr Vagianos highlighted some of his successes  ,

I love Ridgewood. I built my home here, raised my kids here, built my business and made my investments here.
I’m all in.
Through the years I’ve made sure our Christmas Tree gets put up every year, the Pedestrian Plaza runs every weekend and Feed the Frontlines delivers 9,000 meals every week.
And now I’ve decided to run for Village Council on November 2, 2021.
I hope you’ll be all in with me because I can’t do this alone.
We need to do this together.”
Vagianos a Democrat earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from Rutgers University and his J.D. from Seton Hall Law School. His professional experience includes working as the deputy attorney general for the Division of Gaming Enforcement, as the deputy attorney general for the NJ Environmental Prosecutions Task Force, and as the owner of the “It’s Greek to Me” restaurant in Ridgewood.
Mr. Vagianos has had his ups and downs in the Village running and losing in 2015 Democratic candidate for District 40 of the New Jersey General Assembly. and again in 2017 as the Democratic candidate for District 40 of the New Jersey General Assembly.

Mr. Vagianos was the focus serious community outrage when he build a permanent wall on a public sidewalk in violation of Village of Ridgewood code in front of his restaurant creating a public safety and ADA compliance issue  as well as suggesting to many he was above the law. 

Mr. Vagianos was a big proponent of the Hudson Parking garage and the High Density Housing that now litters the Central Business District ,built without any consideration of the impact it would have on traffic, public safety, schools, water, and sewage .

Recently Mr. Vagianos got a name for himself by becoming the first restaurant in New Jersey to require “vaccine cards” for indoor dining .





36 thoughts on “Paul Vagianos Controversial Owner of “It’s Greek to Me” Running for Ridgewood Village Council

  1. Letting the fox in the henhouse.


  3. No fucking way.

  4. Bad food, bad leadership, bad for business

  5. Mr. Vagianos opposes the creation of a new park on Franklin Avenue, suggesting instead that the property should be paved over and turned into a municipal parking lot with “meters.”

    One wonders if Mr. Vagianos dreams of a downtown RIdgewood in which his commercial properties are the only ones in existence, and everything surrounding his properties is municipal parking.

  6. Feed the Frontlines.
    How much money did It’s Greek To Me get from this program?
    Where did the meals go?

  7. All of the points he has mentioned about him on his web page as his achievements, show one thing – he only cares about his business and his properties in the downtown.
    What has he done in the village so far that supports anything but his personal interests?

  8. I will vote for a dead raccoon before Paulie

  9. He knew he was going to lose the election. He ran only to collect money.
    Where did all the money go from his assembly election campaign?
    I heard he raised close to half a million from residents?

  10. Make sure to sign Melanie’s petition if you haven’t done so already.

  11. here’s hoping there’s a candidate’s debate. would like to hear what he has to say.

  12. good God NO I boycott him and his restaurant

    he is only out for himself and the almighty dollar

    he was on board with the destruction of the town i love!

    where did the feed the front lines money go Paul?

  13. lets hope his losing streak continues because this is one man we do not need making any decisions for Ridgewood we already have 2 bad apples sitting up there

  14. Despite a significant public outcry about the decorative wall he had constructed in front of his restaurant, he refused to take it down until the Village forced him to do so. I see no reason to cast a vote for someone who does not care what the public thinks.

  15. Anonymous (debate), don’t put stock in what politicians say, look at what they do. Had we done that with the imbecile in the White House now (with 45+ years of idiocy to consider, now compounded by senility), we wouldn’t be in the fix we are now as a nation. If Candidate Vagianos is a Democrat who has advocated for the transition of the Village to the Hackensack model, isn’t that enough for you?

  16. When will we see the staged picture of him looking over childrens’ work in a classroom to show he is concerned about education in Ridgewood?

  17. I would never EVER vote for this self-serving man. He is a creep

  18. Supposedly the only other person collecting signatures is Meanie Hooban. Things just keep getting worse in Ridgewood.

  19. “Mr. Vagianos was the focus serious community outrage when he build a permanent wall…” You guys are funny.

  20. Hey who knows maybe it’ll turn out to be good for the council you never now. If he’s no good vote him out that’s all it’s a simple as that.

  21. After seeing so many politicians use Ridgewood as a stepping stone to pad their personal resume to the Bergen democrats (latest was Ramon), we don’t need another candidate to use our village as proving ground for higher-ups. Better he continue running his virtue signaling exclusive restaurant until he decides to leave Ridgewood for new places.

  22. Wasn’t he spotted at Oakland DMV with ……. (he will surely be following footsteps on his mentor Paul A).

  23. It’s one thing to have influence over the local council in order to enrich yourself, but this is a case of allowing the fox into the hen house.

  24. How’s Becky doing nowadays? Hmm.

  25. Yes Ramon and Michael used ridgewood and lied all the way to the bank

    Speaking of where is all that feed the front lines money going? To the frontlines? What frontlines?

  26. It’s not that easy to get rid of bad council members. Remember Jeff Voight. That little guy somehow lasted a full term

    And who is Becky!

  27. Will he require a vaccine passport to get into Village Council meetings? I guess his 3 seconds of fame from that faded and on to the next publicity stunt.

  28. What would Becky say about his need to always be in the spotlight?

  29. Just no.

  30. Melanie or Paul…..I second the dead raccoon vote!

  31. Let’s add, Paul Vagianos was a major advocate who pushed to take away residents rights to vote on RW’s largest budget. Thousands of Ridgewood residents were stripped of their rights and he publicly stated, “the trade-off is worth it.”

    Public Administration is not a business!
    You don’t “trade-off” democracy!!!

  32. Be an educated voter. Paul Vagianos glorifies the fact that his father was an illegal that opted to cheat the system over doing the right thing. Paul’s track record shows he will always do what most benefits him over what’s right and for the greater good.

  33. The idiots in the village will vote this POS into office.

  34. No one wants a bully, and no one wants a restaurant owner either that doesn’t care about residents. Have you ever seen him fighting for our taxes at a VC meeting . Big business, bug spending. Nope

  35. Isn’t Paul connected to PA, Gwen, Roberta, OVOV, Rurik…. blah blah group. What’s his platform besides feed the front lines, which is all about him making money

  36. Looking at Vagianos face I lose that last glimmer of hope that this town could still hold on. Doom is going to be here faster than I thought.

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