The Ridgewood blog is written for and about Ridgewood New Jersey . It is a local event and opinion blog with a pro free market point of view. We publish local points of view about local, state and national issues.

The Ridgewood blog is an organic news source . News items are sprinkled among reader opinions continually generating more opinions and discussion . Like it or not the Readers are the blog and the editors operate more like a referees. Sometimes we weigh in too much and sometimes too little ,it not an exact science and it takes a lot of effort to balance freedom of expression with over the top name calling. Frankly we think its gotten better and better over the years with broader discussions and greater participation.

The blog generally does not post comments on peoples personal lives ,such as allegations of adulterous relationships, underage lovers ,drug or alcohol binges , teen issues and so on . Like everything there are odd exceptions.

Anonymity is an option and is and will remain available for readers protection. People who complain about anonymous posters are people seeking revenge or looking to shut down public dissent. Unlike Facebook and other many other forms of social media we make an effort to protect your privacy where possible. We do not sell your data to third parties but we may from time to time try to sell you something.

You are directly responsible for your comments and the Ridgewood Police department has proven very adept at finding those who cross the line.

Thank you all for your support !

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