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DASSB, formerly known as Nescaya Ratus Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 5 June 2008. The company changed its name to DAS Sdn Bhd on 19 December 2018. The company was established to undertake the principal activities in renewal energy, power generation solution and energy development and marketing, integrated application services, hospital and laboratory items and chemicals. The company strives to actively venture into the defense trades focusing into aviation substances due to its past ongoing contributions in these sectors technically and commercially. DASSB has a serious pool of related expertise to commence its endeavours into these fields.

Our business strategies have evolved following the aviation market scenario which are specified and fine-tuned with the purpose to support and advise airlines MRO's in adapting solutions of cost reduction, human induced errors which will result in increased efficiency, automation and sustainability.

Our Mission and Vision Statements​

Mission: Our long-term goal is to be the leader in aviation industry

Vision: To integrate and globalise multiple aviation platforms in services, management and development.

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Our executive team prioritizes our customers, fosters a culture of collaboration, commitment, and change, and encourages the DASSB Team to propel aviation performance.
Dato' Sri Mohd Amim

Chairman of the Board

Lt General Dato' Sri Wan Normazlan Jaafar (Retired RMAF)

Head of Executive Management

Datin Hajjah Suhing

Director / Chief Financial Officer

Dato' Mat Noor Nawi

Head of Financial Department

Lt Col Raja Mohar (Retired RMAF)

Head of Technical and Operation

Major Khairul Anuar (Retired RMAF)

Head of Marketing and Procurement

Reime Rizal bin Abdul Aziz

Corporate Advisor (Finance)

Nor Shahmir Nor Shahid

Corporate Banking

Ezwan Shah Kahar

Business Development

Nur Atiqah Marzuki

Human Resources


Careers: DASSB Life

At DASSB, we do more than just deliver the highest quality of professionalism and the best customer service. We aim to be great at what we do. To be great in the eyes of our customers. To be great in the eyes of our local community. We are building a brand of excellence and quality in aviation. The personal and professional development of our team members is one of our executive team's highest priority. We need people who think, analyse, initiate, problem solve, and seek more. Join our adaptive, resourceful, tenacious, and determined team at DASSB